Never Ending Quest Opportunity (Poppy)Exotic Lunas Donít Stop Me Now (Wunjo)Wildzeal Single Soul BluesCh Almanza Letís Mingle Iím Single
Wildzeal Kiss from a Rose
Exotic Lunas Take A Chance On MeEngsboda Toulouse Lautrec
Ch Exotic Lunas Fly For Me Only
Kathana of the Black NatureBeauty Nights Name PartCH. (NORV.) Almanza I Hate Mondays
Beauty Nights Daydream
Illusion of the Black NatureCH.(BELG.B.10,LUX.09,FR.B.10, SUISSE.11,NED.11)VDH.CH.10 Gigolo van de Demerbron
Butterfly of the Black Nature