Go With The Flow Damn Faithful (Morgan)Tacumshin Lord Of The Dance To Pajanbeck SGWCPajanbeck Forever YoungSh Ch Branchalwood Strathfinnan JW
Sh Ch Pajanbeck Born Free
Ch Downstream Revisited To TacumshinCh Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves JW, SDC A, SGWC
Ch Deep River Walk of Downstream SGWC
Int Ch, Lux Ch, Ned Ch, Ned Jun Ch Go With The Flow Be Called Cheerful C-CertLux Ch, NL Ch Brightmoor River DancerGayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich SGWC
Lux Jun Ch, Ned Ch Rainesgift Mid Summer Dream
Swallowsflight Coal ZippyAm Ch, Ger Ch, Ger Jun Ch, Lux Ch, Ned Ch Serilde Qualcosadatenere JH
Swallowsflight Age of Aquarius
Piece of Cake Of The Black Nature (Pina)Varingo JezkiVaringo Sea The StarsWaresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm
Varingo Grouse
Finecal Franktonís Worry At VaringoStaverton Impossible
Sachbash Hope
Illusion Of The Black NatureCh. Gigolo Van De DemerbronKenzed High Flyer
Swallowsflight Brown Utah
Butterfly of The Black NatureCh. Xantho van het Bevershof
Ch Xylaria of Sunniness