27/08/2018The last week has arrived.Next week a whole new challenge waits our now independent puppies.But first we are going to spend another week enjoying their presence.
21/08/2018The cleanliness of our puppies is very good. During the day there will hardly anything outside. Socialization is also very good,all kinds of sounds and states make little impression !!!
16/08/2018Today they are 5 weeks. Now they are going out,they are gradually being trained in cleanliness.
13/08/2018Little by little the puppies come out now. Yet they still prefer the warmth of the nest.
8/08/2018Since today the puppies are free to walk around.From now on,they can explore the world !!!
5/08/2018The last days in the whelping box.
2/08/2018Time for the first smoothie.
29/07/2018There is more action in the whelpingbox. The puppies are having more eye for each other.
26/07/2016Today 2 weeks old: they are trying to make little steps.
24/07/2018From now on the eyes start to open.Poppy and her puppies are doing fine !!!
21/07/2018Meanwhile,the puppies have doubled in weight.
19/07/2018Time flies !!! Our puppies are already one week old and almost doubled in weight.
16/07/2018Everything is going perfect during these hot days. Poppy has enough milk and the puppies always have their tummy full. So it's very quiet in the whelping box.
12/07/2018Today 8 pups were born. 1 black and 1 liver colored male + 3 black and 3 liver colored females. Follow photo's !!!
4/07/2018Belly size of Poppy measured on 04/07: 78 cm.
22/07/2018Belly size of Poppy measured on 22/07: 71,5 cm.
12/06/2018Belly size of Poppy measured on 16/06: 63 cm.