17/09/2018Now the puppies have moved to the porche and they get food from a bowl. In no time, everything is eaten
7/09/2018The puppies are growing fast, another few days and we start to feed in a bowl.
3/09/2018The eyes have opened and our team is already very mobile.
1/09/2018Because it is a large litter ,feeding with the bottle is 3 times a day.
27/08/2018One week ago now.Eleven small wonders were born of Deejay and Pina.Given the high age of the daddy it will be his last time.Here we certainly have to keep a daughter.
20/08/2018As calculated in advance,the puppies of Pina are expected today. It was 7 males and 4 females. Pictures ard following.
13/08/2018Today we built the whelping box. Just one week to go !!!